We Were Born to Love

Written By Alfarqy on Saturday, September 12, 2009 | 3:01:00 PM

We were born to love!
We were born to love.
We were not born to suffer.

The 20th century that has been created by irresponsible adults, is filled with conflict and deceit.

We were not born to suffer.
There are times when we will meet people who are heartless,
and we will feel like hitting them from behind.
But we were not born to hurt others.

there are times when we will meet people who are heartless,
and we will feel insecure, or stifled.
But we were not born to be hurt others.

Sometimes, we create another person inside us.
Perhaps that is just away of escaping from pain and suffering.
Perhaps we are only preparing ourselves for escape.
Shutting ourselves in our home and running to another place,
in order to talk to that other person, the friend inside us.
That is why no one is ever alone.

Everyone of us has a friend,
the other person inside us.
There are times when we think that friend is bad company,
that he is cowardly and cruel.

But in reality is different.
The one that is cowardly and cruel is not our friend,
but ourselves.

Why? because in truth, the existence of that friend is created by us for our own sake.

That is why...
We have to part with that wonderful friend.
If we don't do so,
We will always be dependent on that other person inside us.

Well then,
When will that happen?

It will happen when we meet the person we love.
When we give up loneliness, sorrow, pain,
and the person inside us for that person we love.

Let's go look for the one we love.
Someone we love whom we can talk to about anything,
to laugh with,
to cry with,
to hold each other,
to kiss,
and have sex with.

Someone from whom we can get courage from, and to whom we can give courage in return.
The only reason we were born is to love!
The only reason we...

Saeki Tetsuya.
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